Cars for Sale

Here are cars which are available to buy right now. Please read the descriptions and ask us questions. Not all of them have been Future Proofed, but we are happy to oblige. Take a look and then let us know what peaks your interest.

The FPC Italian Job Now Sold

Innocenti Mini 90 1977, make an offer. Needs work for an MOT, but a unique opportunity to enjoy the rarest of small cars. ULEZ friendly obviously. If you are happy to wait a short while it will be worked on and made roadworthy and be on sale for a lot more. We will upload a film shortly showing you the condition. Here are a few pictures, we have millions. Now sold to a good home. 


Watch this rather wonderful promo film from the 1970s...


Images for FPC

We have a large selection of models that are rather less FPC Innocenti. Click the above image to see our stock of conventional motors that are ready to take you into the future.

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